CAROLINA MACHINE ENGINES since 1984 has hand built and sold over 60,000 engines. This includes remanufactured stock replacement automotive and marine engines as well as "Street Performance Pump Gas" Crate engines. Engines are sold at 'Factory Direct' prices with a 12 month-36,000 Mile written warranty. Our 'Better Business Bureau' rating is A , their highest rating available.

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     CHEVY 2.02/1.6 PERFORMANCE HEADS $296.00


                    CALL (800)-903-6446
        OR CALL (803)-275-2549

                                             FAX:            (803)-275-4582
                                             ADDRESS:  171 Lee St.
                                                                 PO Box 187
                                                                Johnston, SC  29832


Note that current supply chain issues can cause unexpected delays. Also due to basically having to bid for certain parts such as aftermarket cylinder heads, a surcharge may be required for such parts.

Please use EMAIL rather than phone calls when concerning engine status, unresolved issues, complaints, warranty questions, etc. You can be sure our management  will read and respond. We cannot be responsible for "Word of Mouth" claims. Prices listed are subject to change /correction without notice. It is best that you have all quotes and other information in print (emails) as we do not accept verbal claims. To answer emails can take 1 to 5 working days to answer and sometimes longer.

For core refunds to apply, returned cores should be the exact same engine as the engine purchased. Also assembled, complete, and rebuildable. Other cores of equal or higher value may be considered. No rusty or "junkyard" cores.

Build/Rebuild time for normal stock replacement, undamaged, non performance longblock and shortblock engines typically takes 20-30 working days. Other engines take longer. This includes complete engines,  "High Torque",  and special stock replacement engines. Upgrades , changes, and additions to orders can  add considerable time. Antique, special, and  Performance engines can take two to nine months or more depending on the engine. ETA's when given are estimates only and are not promises or guarantees. We do not rush our engines. Please make your plans accordingly. Please do not call for updates, it takes time to look up a job to find the exact status. We prefer emails asking for updates or status which can take 1 to 5 working days to answer. We do not have the personnel to make routine calls or emails.

Cancellations after seven days from the date of order and less than 6 weeks into the job, stock OEM replacement engines require a 10% cancellation fee of the quoted engine price. For Performance, antique, and special engine jobs, cancellations after 30 days of the order being placed, and less than 8 months into the project, a 20% cancellation fee of the quoted job price is required. A full refund can be made only after the order is completed and  the engine is sold elsewhere.  

Horsepower figures advertised may vary somewhat and also require that the user install the recommended performance parts and accessories such as carburetor, ignition system, and exhaust system for those figures to be accurate.

Performance engines WILL BE noisier than OEM stock engines especially when cold. That is part of a Hot Rod's charisma. This is due to centered pin pistons, extra clearances, and faster ramp lift camshafts! This cannot be avoided. These are not warranty issues.

Engines sent to us for rebuild or machining should be stripped properly. We absolutely DO NOT take any responsibility for lost parts when left on an engine such as brackets, tags, bolts, motor mounts, etc that are not needed for the rebuild of the engine. Also we require specific instructions in writting concerning the preservation of originality such as stampings, decals, tags, etc. We will make every effort to maintain the engine's originality when given written detailed requests but NO guarantees will be given.

We make NO guarantees expressed or implied of merchantability, fitness for special purpose, or exact original replication or specifications. Especially paint color. Correct or matching casting numbers are NOT guaranteed or promised. WE DO NOT DO DATE CODES.

Sleeving of cylinders and other  repairs can be part of any engine recon. Requests for no such repairs including minimum overbores and undersizes are extra charge and can add considerable time to the job. Also must be made in writing (email).

Requests for pictures or videos during the building process cannot be guaranteed even when requested! Also not guaranteed available are spec sheets, build sheets, etc. This information is time consuming to produce and some information is proprietary and not available at all. When available, such special requests can be at extra cost.

Please read the detailed warranty supplied with your engine or request a copy at time of order. Note that field labor is not available for performance and some other engines. Our warranty is considered a contractual agreement between CME and the purchaser.