CAROLINA MACHINE ENGINES remanufactures, at our facility, HIGH QUALITY longblock and block assembly engines as pictured. They are sold on an exchange basis or can be purchased outright by paying the reasonable core charge. The core charge is refunded if and when the old engine is returned to us. Also, for the same price we can CUSTOM REBUILD your engine if you prefer or when a rebuildable core is not readily available. Engines not found in our price list may be available as a special order.

Each engine is completely remanufactured, not just rebuilt, using NEW HIGH QUALITY pistons, piston rings, bearings, seals, lifters, timing components, gaskets, and expansion plugs.

To assure the highest level of Quality possible, after assembly each longblock is spin tested to verify oil pressure, compression, and oil circulation.

A 12 month written warranty is supplied with each engine. We ship and pick up nationwide and pass on our volume freight savings to our valued customers.

HIGH QUALITY remanufactured engines are rare, therefore for a superior engine please call, fax or email us for more information or to place your order.

CALL:     (800)-903-6446  (800-90-ENGINE)
FAX:       (803)-275-4582


CME POLICY NOTICE: Prices listed are subject to change without notice..... For core refunds to apply, returned cores must be the exact same as the engine purchased and must be complete, assembled, and rebuildable. No rusty or "junkyard" cores...... Please make sure that you have all quotes and other information in print (emails) as we do not accept verbal assertions..... Performance, Custom, Special, etc engines often require six to twenty weeks or more to complete depending on the engine. We do not rush our engines. Please make your plans accordingly. We do NOT predict definite completion dates but you can send us emails anytime, asking for updates on your project since we do not make routine calls or emails as such..... Cancellations and refunds for deposits are allowed after six months if and only if CME has failed to complete the engine due to our issues. Delays caused by other reasons do not apply. Otherwise NO cancellations or refunds after ten days from the initial deposit. A 10% fee apples.  However cancellation and reimbursement of deposits may be considered after the engine is completed and sold elsewhere. A fee of up to 25% may be required and the six month  cancellation clause is extended another six months for engine assembly. NO guarantee on time limit to sell the engine..... Horsepower figures advertised may vary somewhat and also require that the user install the recommended performance parts and accessories such as carburetor, ignition system, and exhaust system for those figures to be accurate..... Performance engines WILL be noisier than OEM stock engines especially when cold. This is due to centered pin pistons, extra clearances, and faster ramp lift camshafts! This cannot be avoided. These are not warranty issues..... Requests for pictures or videos during the building process cannot be guaranteed! Also not guaranteed available are spec sheets, build sheets, etc. This information is time consuming to produce and some information is proprietary and not available at all. When available, such special requests can be at extra cost..... Please read the detailed warranty supplied with your engine as soon as possible and agree with all terms or return the engine before installing. Note that there is NO provision for field labor and acceptance of this warranty is considered a contractual agreement between us and the purchaser.